A Culligan rental program is very simple and is offered to many home owners and businesses. You, as the consumer, are quoted a monthly rate for services which includes filtering or softening your water. The services to replenish your softener salt and replace filters on a schedule basis are offered. How then does a Culligan rental program benefit you?

  1. You pay a monthly rate for use of the Culligan equipment. The rate is only a portion of the purchase price. So, you save cash which can be used for other needs.
  2. If you are comparing the rental program to a purchase from a large retail store or plumber, you will not need to worry about any warranty issues that may need to be resolved after the equipment is plumbed into your facility. Standard repair and maintenance of Culligan’s equipment under a rental program is included with the monthly rental rates. There is no worry related to finding someone to come to your facility and provide warranty and maintenance services — it justs takes a call or email to Culligan.
  3. It is likely that your needs for water treatment will change over time. Perhaps your household size changes. Or, maybe new water treatment requirements are identified. With a Culligan rental program, Culligan will update or adjust equipment as appropriate to meet your changing requirements. Your monthly rental rate may change if additional treatment capacity is required, and any Culligan equipment no longer needed will be removed. If you had purchased your own equipment, you would need to purchase a new system and then arrange to dispose of your obsolete equipment. With a Culligan rental program, Culligan provides the equipment you need and you simply pay an affordable monthly rate.
  4. With a Culligan rental program, you don’t need to be worried about unexpected repair bills. You may be familiar with repair costs for your dishwasher, furnace, stove, freezer, water heater, and other household appliances. It can be difficult to find and keep service companies who are able to offer in-home or on-site repair services. And, if you can find them, they can be expensive as well as they charge on a per time basis. Once again, the Culligan rental rate includes standard repairs, so you don’t have to worry about large repairs.
  5. Some home owners plan to be in their property for a relative short period of time, perhaps a few years or so. A Culligan rental program is designed to terminate when the house or property ownership changes and the monthly rental rates is often transferred to the new owner or tenant. Consumers who have rented, have saved cash, while benefiting from Culligan’s water treatment systems during their stay at the property.


Making the decision to rent or buy

You can purchase or rent Culligan equipment. Purchase options typically include short or long term financing options. Ultimately the acquisition decision is up to you and Culligan hopes that you will do what’s best for your financial needs. When comparing Culligan to other alternatives, you can be assured that Culligan is dedicated to the water treatment business and backs all its products with industry leading warranties and on-site services. We trust that you will consider Culligan’s options, compare them to other choices you have, and sign up to become a Culligan customer today!